Sunday, June 26, 2011

That’s a Good Question


I’ve noticed this phrase a lot in interviews recently. It is an excellent way for the interviewee to pause and get the thoughts sorted before answering with out a long silence, which would indicate the lack of ideas, or answers.

It also holds the interviewer at bay so the answer can be constructed in a logical and correct manner.

It is part of the constant chatter that must be sped up to keep the attention of the observer.

It is just one of those little items ones notice when one has a chance to concentrate full attention on a matter.

Since television interviews, what used to be called journalism, have turned into entertainment or just random blather, it is easy to turn it off. Headlines tell the subjects with little details in print and larger photos do not interest in cute people in sharp suits standing in front of sheets with corporate logos.
It is funny the things you notice.

Like the gyro not making connection in the morning ride slowing the coast down hills with the arms warbling from the pressure on the brakes or the black booths being taken out of Phil’s Continental Lounge or the red bike that is finally gone after being abandoned for so many months or that June is the month for day lilies or….

Yet the mind wanders and the gyro comes back on the second ride, then the third. Congested gatherings enthralled in feasting bring back the life in the shadows. Speaking out loud, but in softness, to the woodland creatures and having the sense it is madness. Black eyes stare back with some understanding but trained to fear.

Living within ones own mind you bop to “Johnnie Be Goode” by the Grateful Dead on “Butterflies Away From Home” and it picks up the spirit, even to playing the invisible drum.

Luckily for most, there is so much confusion and interruptions and movement, there is little time to contemplate these brief moments of delusion. Perhaps that is the reason for constant panic. Perhaps the human species cannot tolerate the darkness and silence of the cave.

Maybe if we stay distracted, we don’t have to deal with the dreams?

“Now that’s a good question.”

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TripleG said...

What?? They're changing Phil's? Next they'll change Joe's Inn! Aaargh!