Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Don’t Wanna!


How many times have we said “I don’t wanna!” when we don’t want to stop the fun thing we are doing to go to bed….or take a bath….or go to school….or do our homework….or take out the trash….or cut the grass…?

If we had our way, we would just do what we wanted all the time, but we have to interact with the rest of the world, which means we have to compromise.

And when “I” becomes “WE” there are more compromises. Every day compromises that can have varying forms of degrees to shape our personality and well-being. Sometimes these are gradual and sometimes they are sudden.

The lost of a family member changes the surroundings and interaction very quickly, while a couple can weave their compromises for years in day-by-day exchanges.
Compromise is cooperation, negotiation and conciliation with others. Some expand our outlook like trying new foods or fashion styles recommended by someone else. Some keep the peace. Some are given up reluctantly for the overall good.

Trust me, I listen to the interaction between couples more closely now and it is fascinating. I can only reflect on my own compromises and wonder.

But if you had your way, that is you could do whatever you wanted without anyone else’s permission or agreement, what would you do?

Would you walk around the house naked? Would you stay up late and sleep all morning? Would you eat junk food?

Fundamental knowledge of health, wealth and happiness gives mature boundaries that can be obeyed or avoided with only your own conscience as your guide.

So without another’s input, we have already learned the amount of sleep we need, the right foods to eat, to exercise every day, have personal hygiene and dress correctly to maintain a healthy happy existence.

But going to the store today, I noticed a hole in my t-shirt. Should I change it?

At three in the morning, I am still on the computer. Should I go to bed?

The table is out of the box and the pieces lay in the living room floor. Should I build it?

The bookwork from this weekend is sitting in a pile on the drawing board. Should I file it?

And my reply, “I don’t wanna!”

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