Monday, June 13, 2011

Got to Do Something


Me: What’cha wanta do?
I: What?
Me: Well we gotta do something.
I: Really?
Me: Of course, otherwise you are just a lazy bum.
I: Like what am I suppose to be doing?
Me: Well, you can’t just sit around; you got to be doing something.
I: Like what?
Me: Well, we could do some of those chores that you have on the list of things to do?
I: Yeah, well….
Me: Look, you got the brushes, paint, ladders, scrapers and sander. All we have to do is….
I: Yeah, well….I don’t know.
Me: What do you need another vacation?
I: No, I’ve had enough travel for a while.
Me: Well then, do you want to do some yard work?
I: No, I just fed all the critters and they like it when they have the yard to themselves.
Me: Yeah, I get that, then what about watching some television?
I: You mean soap operas, doc phil, or silly news?
Me: Well, it will waste some time.
I: So is talking to you!
Me: What about going for a walk?
I: To where? I’ve been everywhere and although it would be good for my back, I don’t feel like wandering.
Me: What about a movie?
I: Nah, there are no movies I want to see and beside sitting in a dark room and eating overpriced popcorn to a story I can figure out in a few minutes? Besides the audience is usually rude and I have no one to discuss the plot with later.
Me: Gotcha, well what about learning the chords to that song on the internet.
I: Which guitar should I use?
Me: Geez, I don’t know. You got plenty. Pick one and figure it out.
I: Hummmm, maybe later. I got the words. And I downloaded all those other songs I need to record, but I’m not inspired.
Me: You wanna take a nap?
I: I have enough trouble sleeping without nodding off for another hour during sunlight time.
Me: You want to go get something to eat?
I: You mean like food in paper?
Me: Well….
I: You know that is overpriced with bad service and totally not worth the attempt for cuisine.
Me: What about a real restaurant?
I: Are you kidding? One, I don’t want to be sitting at a table alone. After ordering from an overpriced menu to a waitperson that wonders why I’m alone, I sit and look around at everyone else. This is not a people person-watching situation.
Me: You could take a book?
I: Now that is pathetic.
Me: OK, you could cook something.
I: Nah, not really hungry.
Me: Well we got to do something!
I: Why?
Me: Well, ah, suppose someone came over?
I: Not likely.
Me: Yeah, but suppose someone did knock on the door?
I: OK?
Me: Well, what would you do to entertain them?
I: Well, I’d….?
Me: Just like when you went up to see your friends.
I: What do you mean?
Me: Well, they had to have plans for you.
I: What?
Me: Sure, they had to have something for you to do when you got there.
I: Why?
Me: Just you being in their living quarters weren’t enough. They had to entertain you!
I: Really?
Me: Sure, you were their guest, so they had to wine and dine and entertain you.
I: Well I did eat well and they did a lot planned….
Me: See, when a guest comes over you must entertain them.
I: Oh! Maybe that is why we don’t have anyone over?
Me: No, you are just living in isolation.
I: So if I invited someone over, what should I do?
Me: Entertain them.
I: Like what?
Me: Well cook something special. You’ve got the skills and the instruments and with a few strokes of the heat you would stimulate their pallet.
I: Yeah, but I have to clean up afterwards.
Me: You are such a whoosh.
I: Well they could listen to the limited vinyl collection or maybe play some guitars while drinking wine?
Me: Always reverting back to the time when time was.
I: OK, what am I suppose to do?
Me: What do you like doing?
I: I’m doing it.
Me: You mean just sitting here in the yard watching the sun caste shadows in flickering sunlight with the soundtrack of water rippling in the pond being entertained by the constant chatter of birds and the scurrying of creatures enjoying the quiet afternoon in a safe environment.
I: (burp)
Me: ….and the beer is chilled.
I: Not bad, huh?

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