Monday, June 6, 2011

The Monkees At Woodstock

So why weren't the Monkees at Woodstock? I mean they were famous and popular and kinda long haired and had a teenage following. So what gives with that?

After the Who the announcement could have been made...." And now the Monkees" in the Chip Monk booming voice over the crowd of sleepy half million dirty youngsters.

I'm sure they would have jumped up to sing "Last Train to Clarksville" or "Won't You Buy Me A Dog" or one of their many other tunes that are ingrained in our heads from years of awful television.

Now in February of 1969 the Monkees had released the "Instant Replay" album and the year before had done the movie "Head" including Frank Zappa.

Sure they were produced by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart who produced every POP act that made the chart, but let's face it, Mickey, Davey, Peter, and Mike were THE MONKEES.

Maybe they couldn't get the draw? Maybe they asked for too much money? Maybe they didn't want to play on the same stage as the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane?

Whatever, it would have made a different movie. Hey look, Sha-Na-Na was there. So why not the Monkees?


J.D. Finch said...

The Monkees by 1969 had already started fading. Their TV show had been canceled. Peter Tork left the group. There weren't too many people around who wanted to see the Monkees. Sha Na Na was as much a parody/comedy act riffing on rock's early day greaser groups as they were an actual musical act. With the prevailing mood at Woodstock, a manufactured group like the Monkees, in a scene where everyone was trying to "keep it real, man" likely would have met with derision if not outright hostility. But don't feel so bad -- Bob Dylan didn't show up either, and the festival was practically held in his damn back yard!

Edward Cramer said...

What about the archives lol

Edward Cramer said...