Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the day

So another year has gone by. What happened?
Well there was summer and winter and rain and all that stuff. There was a hurricane that didn’t knock over any trees so that was all good. There was patching the living room ceiling and replacing the floors in the bathroom and the kitchen. There was buying a drum set and a couple of electric guitars and amplifiers.
Then there was time to meet some interesting women but not really. There was time to wander into a field of strangeness and come out the other end.
Much of the time was spent feeding the yard due to constant reminding.
And what did I write about? Just looking back and reading some of 2012 post I see a few things that seem to be part of my basic makeup now.
Put some stuff out there about getting through the emotions or none-emotions with a realization of what makes me happy and what I fear but know how to take care of it. There is the mundane and worries of the day. There is the usual health, money, safety, and the ability of living by one’s self. There are concerns about communication or lack there of and the thoughts about death. There are views of religion and politics of which I don’t care much about. There is a large amount of silliness being crazy and all.
So what will the next year bring? Kitchen cabinets and appliances I hope. Little better health would be nice and easy to do. Probably have to get some new cloths since I’m running out of hoodies. 
Last year I went to a motel for New Year's eve to partake of the bubbly and enjoy the celebration with strangers, but this year I will break that sorry habit.
My New Year traditions are getting a new calendar, a new toothbrush, new shoes, and a new pen. Since I don’t write as much as I used to, I can skip the pen. Instead I think I will give myself a new daily routine.
We’ll see what happens. It will be just another year in just another life.

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