Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flying Solo

It is an interesting concept after living most of your life in a partnership, either with a family or with someone who sleeps in your bed.
Flying solo means you have to make your own decisions without the advice or direction or even the requirement of others.
Now the family makes certain rules and limitations one must live with until they are old enough and sometimes wise enough to make your own decisions. Then you decide through peer pressure or acceptable history to follow the anticipated process of selecting a mate to fulfill the requirements of age and sociability. Besides only a couple can be approved by religion to procreate.
Not that all these selections are thought out or anticipated, yet they happen. The person in your dreams may not be the person who in actuality becomes the partner expected.
So much like getting a pet that looks sweet in the showroom but comes home and pees on the floor and scratches the couch and throws up on your shirt.
But the decision has been made and some commitment is promised between the two partners to adapt to the new environment.
After all the adjustments to what is a desired lifestyle, one must think of a time before or a dream of what could have been.
Flying solo allows the freedom to live your life anyway you want. There is no need for a wingman for you have the experience and knowledge to understand the game.
It also takes away any support system of family and friends. The future only depends on whatever health you can maintain or the financial flow to keep the solicitors from knocking on your door or dare I say it, the plan for the inevitable.
Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride.

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