Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mystery Meat

Have you ever wondered what the stuff is in your can of beef stew or your chili or your ravioli?
It is mystery meat. Sure, you look at the label and it says you are getting some kind of meat by products but what does that mean?
It may look like something that may have come from a butchered animal and previously cooked in a serial kitchen. It may have been packed into a vacuumed seal can to preserve its quality and freshness.
What the heck is this stuff?
It has texture and some flavor like the product you wish it was pretending to be but in the long run you don’t know what it is you are putting into your body.
Then again so much of our “food” is a mystery. What did the animals eat before being slaughtered for our consumption? How long did the vegetables wait on trucks or trains to be delivered to our supermarkets as “fresh”?
One of my enjoyments of viewing other customers at the local grocery store is watching them look at the ingredients labeled on the products they are about to purchase. Don’t kid yourselves. The containers of the can or jar are not even close to being good for you.
Open a can of beef stew and a can of dog food. See the resemblance?
So go into your local diner and enjoy whatever they serve you for what goes on in the kitchen is a mystery.
So is the stuff that comes out of a can.
Enjoy your dinner. Burp.

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