Saturday, December 29, 2012


There are millions of ideas of what Heaven looks like. Fluffy clouds with sounds of harps and people flying around in white tunics are one image. Heaven is a place where you can meet old relatives and friends and everything is peaceful and happy.
So everyone has his or her own picture of what heaven is and what it is for. Our religions teach us if we are good we will rise up to heaven when we die to live eternal rest. Religion also tells us if we are bad we will descend into hell and that doesn’t sound like a good place.
Now if heaven is such a good place, can you choose the age you will appear? Can you drink beer without peeing? Matter of fact there are no toilets or litter boxes in heaven. You can eat whatever you want in any amount and not get fat. There are no guns in heaven because there is nothing to kill. The best part is you can jam with all your favorite rock stars, unless they all went to that other place.
But suppose there is no hell? Suppose it was all made up? You have to remember there was no God or Heaven or Hell before man wrote about the idea without any proof.

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