Sunday, December 9, 2012



All through life most of us are inspected. These are the standards we live by.
Immediately people think of auto inspections. It is a good place to start for everyone with a motor vehicle must have an inspection sticker replaced by a qualified mechanic every year. This proves that the vehicle is safe to drive. 
This is also the opportunity for a profitable mechanic to find some problem (or even cause some problem) that must be fixed before the sticker could be changed.
Sort of like a family physician doing an annual physical. Like the car, the patient is put up on the rack and examined with a series of test and devices. And like the mechanic, a good doctor will find something wrong that can be combined with a pharmaceutical payback and another follow-up to ease the patients’ worry and a bill that will pay for the Jamaican vacation.
Now getting back to the beginning the first inspection is at birth where they check all the toes and fingers. You don’t get a sticker but you get a certificate.
All our appliances are inspected. All our food is inspected. All our clothing is inspected. It seems that everything in our life has a little tag hung on it that says it has been inspected.
Think about school. The teachers present their lessons and then give examinations that are really inspections to see if you are smart enough to retain enough information to move up a grade.
Then there are yearly reviews at work. Only a positive review or inspection will be rewarded with a raise.
The regulations or requirements of these inspections constantly change but one thing is always constant.
For with all the outside influences and standards and requirements and regulations and even peer pressure there is only one true inspection.
Hope you pass and get a sticker.

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TripleG said...

Intro-spection is the one that matters.