Saturday, December 29, 2012


Virgin is such an interesting word especially this time of year. Virgin? Defined as someone who has never had sex. And sex being defined as reproductive characteristics including intercourse.
Whatever the definition, the word “virgin” was exposed to my generation as a moral challenge and an obscure element of purity. There were no education classes and no one talked about it. Biblical teaching regarded losing virginity before marriage was a sin, but the story of Immaculate Conception was confusing to the young mind.
Then the body is rushing with hormones and as we take indecent liberties with each other the idea of preserving virginity goes out the window. Sometimes declared as a right of passage or a sign of maturity, the person you lose your virginity with will always be special.
But if you take the definition of “virgin” as not being exposed or participating in an act, then we are all virgins of one kind or another. Could be a mobile virgin without a smart phone or a Thai virgin if you have never tried oriental cooking or Social Media virgin without having an account on Facebook or Tweeter.
So the word “virgin” shouldn’t be a badge of courage or something to be fearful to say.

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