Sunday, December 30, 2012


Part of the fun of dating is sleeping together. It is something couples don’t think about but becomes a fact of life. Either through exhaustion or affectionate cuddling, sleeping together provides hidden secrets that neither asked about nor maybe wanted to know.
How soft or hard should the bed be? How many covers are required? How high should the pillows rise?
Then is the preference in the sheets, pillowcases, and pillows, bedspreads and more bedroom supplements.
But what we don’t want to discuss or even admit are our sleeping habits. Snoring that keeps your partner awake, drooling on the pillow, talking in the sleep, tossing and turning and even more important how much of the bed is required by each person to sleep.
On my resume I admit I snore and drool, I sleep on the right side only, don’t take a lot of space but have restless leg syndrome and toss and turn a good bit.
Won’t get into those weird dreams.

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