Saturday, November 23, 2013

But Wait....

We have all heard this on those constant info-commercials. The product that is so unbelievable than no one in his or her right mind could not purchase yet before we can pull out the credit card the commercial sweetens the deal by offering two-for-the-price-of-one (excluding shipping and handling). What a great deal! Two items we probably will never use or may not work as well as publicized for the price of one.
Have you ever been to a state fair? That was the first time I saw this. A barker’s constant chatter pulling in the curious to view a demonstration of some remarkable gadget that will change your life was only to sell a product. It is a remarkable experience to see a true salesman practicing their craft in front of a crowd of skeptic viewers only to entice them to purchase the item. A demonstration was made of this of unbelievable accomplishments for only a few coins.
I’m not sorry for the con. I worked in the industry.
You have a toaster. It works fine. It burns bread just like you like it. It pops the burnt bread up just when you want it. When it is not needed, it just sits there on the counter.
Then comes along the new, better, fashionable toaster. This new XL version has knobs and dials and is shiny and all the neighbors are buying them. Nothing can burn bread like the new XL.
But wait….
If you buy it today, even at the totally fantastic reduced price, this company is so monogamous to offer you a second product, almost free, with all the features and aspirations of the first only to ask for a few penances for shipping and handling.
Did you really want the NEW, EXCITING, MOST-POPULAR, AND FLASHY version when the old one worked just fine? Were you afraid that at the next cocktail party someone would notice you didn’t have the XL? Perhaps there is scuttlebutt at work was going around that you and your family were below admiration because you had not conformed with the rest of society and purchase the new XL version.
Seems simple when you think about it. Whenever some company flashes the latest upgrade or sleeker model, we all rush out to buy it. Shoot! That is what consumerism is all about. It keeps the economy going.
The question is: “How does that affect our relationships?” No, they don’t offer a two-for-one.
A relationship, particularly in a contract like marriage, means you have the latest model and you are happy and satisfied and content to continue till time everlasting. I mean the vows we pronounce before all assembled state until death do us part.
There is always a new model around the corner that is sleeker and has more attractions than the model you have. Are you happy with the old model that burns toast just the way you are accustomed to or do you get the newer model?
Life is an adventure. Enjoy the ride.

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