Saturday, November 9, 2013

It is so funny

Then again maybe it is not. Time passes on and we adjust to the reality that we are not getting any younger, but instead are getting older. Unfortunately that means that you can’t move as fast and as flexible as you used to. Stupid, it is called old age.
Like trees in the woods that fall over saying goodbye to their stead worth friends only to turn into mulch, we must bid adieu to some and accept our time will come.
I mention this subject often because it grows closer yet it fascinates me the wonders that brief adventures provide. A simple pleasure that can bring joy and maybe a chuckle or two to this simple soul is worth describing.
The other day I was discussing retirement with a glass artist who was putting King Crimson onto my window. Both actions were deliberate and somewhat structured. After a sit in the sunshine my friend moved to family obligations and I reveled in his masterpiece. The morning sun brought even more wondrous to his artwork he had loaned me.
Sometimes we can’t appreciate what we see or do?
We had talked about clothing. We all need clothing. They arrest if we don’t wear clothing.
I found that I could get by on cotton tee shirts, sweat pants, and jeans when it gets cold. I described this to my friend in great detail of how I only buy clothing that I need.
Well to make things more interesting, I was packing my dusted off gym bag for the venture into what I should have been doing for the past years, when I started to go through drawers to find swim trunks. To my surprise or surmise I found a pile of swim trunks and exercise shorts. Holy you-you-what, where did they all come from? Some even had their purchase tags on them. Note to self: I don’t need any more shorts.
After a mild yet steady workout at the torture chamber (it is not really) I decided to try the pool. I had done all my workouts and brought my towel and water bottle from my bike that I found had algae in the bottom so what does that say about city water. Anyway, I took off all my sweat clothes and even showered down as requested. The floors are like glass even with warning signs that they are slippery wet. I cautiously stepped into the pool slipping and sliding all the way. The water was warm and there was just another swimmer so two lanes were clear.
To my surprise and yet panic, I found I had forgotten how to swim. I pushed off and started to sink. I waved my arms as if I could remember the strokes necessary to keep me afloat and in motion. For years and years it was second nature to swim. I had done this for since time began but here I was in a pool with another swimmer and I was struggling to stay afloat. I did a sloppy crawl across two laps and decided to stop embarrassing myself. Towel down for there is always tomorrow.
Today was grazing day for the zombies. I was welcomed at the door with smiling folk with Christmas garb offering treats as if Halloween was not over. The zombies had read the memo and were in full flux to wander around famously in their ventures.
Checking out, as they call it, still sweaty and wet from the workout, I avoided Dorothy Anne who I had given cash to yesterday, but lined up with a fine young fellow who processed my order with guile and friendliness.
The sunny fall air brought me home for a respite and an adventure in audio. What more can life provide?
Well it has provided me with another day and another meal and being weary enough to sleep for hours before starting over.

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TripleG said...

Still thinking about your description of the zombie takeover at the Kroger.
Next time I'm at the grocery, I'm going to be cracking up.