Monday, November 25, 2013

Take A Hike

It is cold today. The chill from last night didn’t warm up this morning. I took a short ride, but it was just too cold so I cut it off and came home. The calendar said I was to get my new eyes today so I decided to walk over to the optometrist.
Zipping up my various layers, I started my litter journey on foot. Not at the 3.5 mph pace I use on the treadmill but just a slow walk in the fall sunshine. The leaves are crunchy now but it may be the last day before the winter storm coming this way. Most of the leaves are down now and all the neighbors hill blown big piles in the street that will be nice and wet and slick when it rains.
At this pace one can really enjoy the changes in seasons. Light traffic, no one else on the streets and even fewer critters. Much like having my own town. My walking pattern is engrained from years and years of practice. I even cross at the same place we used to walk every trip to the store. I probably won’t go to the gym today, but with the sunshine I am working up a sweat.
After a pleasant fitting of my new eyes, I walked over to the mall. A walk through the Staples store I priced some software that I may need to buy if I can’t fix what I got. I even looked at the PC laptops again, but that was last year’s challenge.
Walking down the mall’s sidewalk the stores didn’t seem to have the Christmas rush yet. I passed the Tap House and thought about going in to have lunch, but wasn’t hungry. Not looking for anything or shopping, I did stop in to AC Moore (formally Ben Franklin) just because that was one of her favorite spots. Welcoming me was a large wired bin of soft cotton wraps. It brought a smile for I had a household of them for every critter. I felt the warm and enjoyed the Christmas smell of pinecones and candles. I walked by all the array of decorations knowing none of them would be going home with me. The reams of yarn and needles were passed as I wandered over to the frames. Venturing into the art supplies all wrapped up for the season I had to remind myself of the drawers full at home. Walking out the door my visit was paying homage to a past toy store.
Arriving home for a sit down and rest I check the emails and weather. Looks like the next couple of days will be a rain out, so I decide to go to the grocery store instead of going to the gym. I can rationalize it by my extended walk.
Packing up a bag of coins, my wine bag, and an extra grocery bag I load up my bike and ride the familiar route to the store. The traffic has picked up and there seems to be more zombies than normal for a Monday. I’ve decided to buy a turkey dinner just in case my invitation falls through, so I grab a little basket and join the fray.
I had only taken a few steps when I come to the realization that the cooking season is in full force. Particularly popular was the aisle with the stuffing and gravy. The cook wasn’t the only one shopping. They brought an entourage talking on cell phones and blocking the aisles whenever possible. The zombies got the same message about the weather so with carts full of walkers and canes they explored the hunger forest bewildered by it’s ingredients.
As usual I was not in any hurry so I just wandered around aimlessly in my second home. I even stopped at the adult beverage aisle to discuss wines. With some good recommendations I accomplished the task of buying local and with variety. The cart was overflowing. I was directed to a check out lane that was faster and said, “You just want to get me out of the building.” The price was more than I spend in a week but a pleasant chat with the checkout girl was worth it.
Listing the ingredients for a recipe to come later, I rested from my fall days adventure. It was a nice walk. Time to rest and get ready to be rained in. I guess I’ll find something fun to do. I always do.

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