Friday, November 1, 2013

Those Special Moments Never Get A Snapshot

With all the silly snapshots on social media today recording everything like your baby’s first step to a silly outfit to a party image that probably will be regretted, I remember a time when special moments were never recorded.
Today everyone has a camera and everyone is taking images of everything from concerts to parties to high school graduations, but back in the day, the camera was for only a few. On special occasions like marriages or family reunions the camera would come out.
As technology and production of the camera grew, a little box with a lens became affordable to the masses and more and more photos were developed. Family picnics now became events. A day at the beach was captured for the whole family to remember. An entire industry grew for the recording of history.
But there were some events that were not captured by camera. The moment she said “Yes” no one reached for a camera. Sitting in the waiting room of the hospital, no one reached for a camera. When sitting in the snow with a broken leg after a skiing accident, no one reached for a camera. The night your mother died, no one reached for a camera.
So as the world is flooded with every type of image, some will only be in our mind. Our imagination, the best Photoshop, will keep the recollection alive. Yet there is no way to share the snapshot of life.

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