Saturday, November 2, 2013


Changes of the seasons, they call it. Nope. It is more than that. It means putting away the short sleeve t-shirts you have been sweating all summer in for the grown up clothes.
That’s right, the shorts go back in the drawers awaiting next springs warm breezes while you strap on the layers of heaving clothing. Layers and layers of wool and hoods and gloves and thick socks and boots and scarves to keep us warm while outside for the next months are applied. It is called winter.
The thick cumbersome clothing is only foreboding to some who race from their warm environments to a heated vehicle and back again. To some it is a change in the daily routine.
The treks will follow the same paths, but fingerless gloves will be replaced with warm fingers resisting the wind. A neck cover is a must. A second layer will be applied to the legs just to keep a normal temperature. Luckily, after a few moments of movement, the body warms itself against whatever cold can bring.
So it sounds as if I’ll have to put away the fans, which were barely used this summer, and prepare my space heater. I’ve learned for many years how to tolerate weather conditions and with this year, I’ll take on the cold with a challenge to try and beat my resolve. There are still wool blankets upstairs to keep me warm and fluffy vest I’ve never worn. There are the crochet blankets my wife and my grandmother made. There is an old brown army blanket my uncles brought home from the war.
Through the years I’ve learned how to deal with weather, so I guess, it is time to adapt to winter.

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