Saturday, November 9, 2013

Until We Meet Again

Been hearing a lot about people being called home or going to live with their father. It is called death folks. It just makes everyone feel better to say they are going to see the Lord.
It is not a bad idea, this heaven thing where everything is wonderful and stress free. Sounds good to me.
But have you really thought about it? Who will you meet and what will they be like? It might not be as pleasant as you imagine.
Suppose you met your ex-wife. You know the one that really didn’t like the settlement the lawyers made. Or maybe the mother that really didn’t like you bonking her daughter will show up. You remember that boss who cut your salary so he could give a raise to the girl in the tight dress with no other talent than to entertain him? Suppose you meet him?
And what will they look like? Would you recognize your mother when she was a teenager? How about your grandfather when he was a hippie? I mean why would anyone want to look old in heaven?
To get even stranger, what if you met the person who ran over your son? What about that guy in your elementary school who bullied you? What would you do if you ran into the girl you rejected in high school only to marry your best friend?
Who do you want to hang around with in heaven? Maybe you think you ought to stick around your family and friends but what about that girl you fantasize about? Would you want to be around the familiar or some rock star? Well maybe they are in the other place.
Man, this is becoming a lot more difficult than imagined. Maybe all will be forgotten and there are doves and angles and harp music and then again maybe this is hell?
So when we say, “Until we meet again” thinking it is a sign off to another encounter may not be the best good-bye. Then again, it may be the best good-bye.
For we can’t predict the future and don’t know from second-to-second when the air will run out or the big rock will come blasting our marble or when all hope is gone. That promise that the connection between the two will not be broken or at least a wish that it won’t can be stated but not guaranteed.
You follow her eyes as she closes the door. Is it ‘until we meet again’ or just ‘goodbye’?

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