Saturday, December 24, 2016


Do you need somebody else to make you whole?
Whether the title is friend or associate or significant other or a million other titles, this other person makes you better than you are by yourself.
As a species we seem to tend to find another to be with because it is hard to do it alone. Thus the norm is to have a partner.
Being a couple fits in with parties and family gatherings and even occasions like weddings or funerals. We seem to need another person to lean on.
At work they are call partners or associates or some title that bonds you together. If there is good collaboration projects get done on time and profits are made and everyone enjoys the bonus of working together.
Like any team or group or organization, if there is no collaboration ideals fail and people will lose their jobs.
If you find a way to fit in with another and accept there differences collaboration can be accomplished.
In a personal relationship, a divorce may be the way to find a better solution. Collaboration must be an agreement of coordinating the best of both to make the union better.
Teams have to collaborate to accomplish plays and win games. Orchestras need to collaborate for the proper audio experience. A play is only successful if all the actors collaborate.
Seems like it is more productive to work with each other.
Have you learned your lesson yet?

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