Saturday, December 17, 2016

Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving

What will you find under the Christmas tree Sunday? Plastic toys and electronic gizmos and underwear and socks and phones and televisions and computer controllers to your future but by Tuesday, the wrapping paper is in the trash, the toys are losing their charm and the electronic gizmos are still frustrating even with the help lines.
It is time to check the calendar for the next holiday and another reason to break the mundane existences of everyday life.
May I suggest you give the gift that keeps on giving?
If you have the space and a bit of dirt and a shovel then a few minutes you can plant a tree. There are many varieties and a good family project to research which ones are compatible to your area. If you delve deep you can test the soil and get advice from environmental organizations on the best time and places to plant. Your kids might even get extra credit in school?
Trees are less trouble than children or pets, but they do require a little attention. A regular watering and some proper fertilizer to get it started but once rooted watch it grow. Established trees will surprise you every year.
Trees will provide shade in the summer and leaves in the fall. Might require a bit of raking depending on the size of the forest or they can be mulched for the spring. Trees dance when the wind blows and provide for creatures that would be homeless without them. Some may provide for special guest like an owl who will come visit for a year before moving on.
Trees may need pruning or cutting or replacing. Trees can fall causing problems but if planned right and maintained they will provide that wonderful sound on a fall evening casting shadows on the ground. Some trees will stand bare in the winter waiting for the spring to start their engine while evergreens will soften the cold hard gray winters with soft needles that catch the snow
The next time you go on vacation to a park or resort take a look around at your neighbors. The majestic trees some born before recorded time stand straight and tall providing witness to adventures shared through the ages.
The best part they help clean the air you breathe.

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