Monday, December 5, 2016

Let’s Have A Drink

The holiday season is here! Raise a glass of good cheer and celebrate whatever reason you want. There is no excuse not to drink for the next month.
Parties, dinners, family gatherings all require a drink. Whether to prepare for or recover from, a good stiff drink is all you need to get through the holiday season.
Even if you are normally a teetotaler, the pressure to drink alcohol during the holiday season is constant. It seems no one can enjoy a gathering without some form of deviations from reality. It is tradition.
For every party there is the obligated gift for the host/hostess of a bottle of wine, or two depending on the size of the party. For the proper occasion there is usually a punch of unbelievable mixtures that will get your head spinning in just one cup.
Since the habit of drinking to have fun has become acceptable for eons there is always a holiday or celebration or a festival that provides drinking to stoke the excitement and loosen inhibitions.
Prohibition didn’t work because people want to be smashed rather than sober. Reside yourself in the fact that our species cannot tolerate reality and all it’s worries and woes without a drink.
Of course all this jollity comes with consequences. At the office party you might make friends with a young lady only to find out she is the bosses wife. A shared moment might turn into a long-term disaster.
My advice is to dress in your finest gaudy seasonal sweater, take a deep breath and go with the full knowledge there is no way to avoid it. Toast the season of merriment and revel in the stories of pain that is to come.

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