Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What Is With These Pillowcases?

Maybe that is why I’m not domesticated? These doggone covers for the pillows are impossible to put on and take off. Who designed these sacks?
They are either too small or too large. They are just big enough to try and push a pillow into it but pillows are soft and not compliant to your wishes. You shove one side and they pop out the other. You push in the middle and the air vacuum created is like a brick wall blocking the task at hand. You can shake them until your arms fall off but that pesky pillow just doesn’t want to slide into its cover.
If you buy a bigger case then the pillow fits in easy but there is so much more material left to flap around it can strangle you in the night. Not only that but there are an array of types of pillows. Firm, soft, foam, feathers, air beads, cotton, rayon, and every other type of material to rest your head on.
Like shoes, your feet never fit whatever size shoe you buy. Buy a big firm pillow and it will battle you like a condom on a warm summer night.
So it is about time to buy some new pillows because I’ve beat up the ones I got to the point they are as flat as a napkin. Being an informed consumer I’ve looked on line at the various possibilities and prices but it won’t matter until my head rest on it. Wonder if they let you try that out at Target? Security??
Don’t get me started on fitted sheets.

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