Saturday, December 24, 2016

Publik Transport

Do you fly? Then you take publik transportation (unless you own your own plane).
When you board publik transport you lose your control and put your faith into someone else to get you to your destination safely and hopefully on time. The altitude of a metal cylinder propelled by propellers can be up to 39,000 feet, and folks that is 7 miles up in the air. If you get to land without falling out of the sky and getting your own set of wings, you might consider giving the pilot a tip.
Of course self-control is the goal so we invented the automobile. That monster metal mobile machine allows you and you alone to be in control of your travel, but not everyone has access to this delivery system.
If you don’t how do you move from place to place. There is a choice of riding another animal (if allowed) or pedal a bike or walk (the method we used to explore the globe and still the most reliable).  
So to solve the sore feet, we created the mode of publik transportation. Wagons, trolleys, trains and buses were produced to get our bodies from place to place on solid soil.
Yet the same lack of control keeps many from even considering the use. You have to wait, many time out in the element for the transport to arrive. You have to have the proper fee to pay and only have enough space to sit one or stand. Don’t plan on bringing any baggage or pets. Even with the tightest schedules there is always breakdowns and traffic backups and overbooking and detours to make your trip unpleasant.
Wait! The same things happen if you drive? Stacked up on a highway creating road rage or worse. The same is true for mechanical problems that make a quick trip to grandmas house an expensive ordeal, stressing out all the occupants.
So what is good about publik transport? It is inexpensive, there is no stress because someone else is driving, you get to meet lots of different people and the best part, become part of a quick movie drama for every trip has a different cast of characters.
I used publik transport to deliver me to and from my occupation for years and found it a dependable and many enjoyable few minutes to gather my thoughts before facing the challenges of the day. I could focus on myself or have a conversation with a stranger or overhear some bazaar communications between fellow passengers. It got me through snow drifts and was air-conditioned in the summer heat.
Try it sometime.

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