Monday, December 26, 2016

What will you miss?

Have you ever considered what you would miss when you die?
I know it is a morbid thought and most people don’t want to go there but I have a point so bare with me.
All the rulebooks say you will miss your family and friends and your pets and all those worldly goods, but that ain’t true. That is what your friends and family and pets do to grieve while dividing up your worldly goods.
As you write your will or have a moment of peace during the hectic season of gift giving, you might want to think about this. For what is life all about but those memories?
While we keep photos around to remind us of experiences and times with others, what is the core moments that have affected our being.
Is it the feeling of sunshine on your face, the dampness of morning dew, the sound of falling leaves, the smell of spring flowers, the birds song awakening the morning, the sound of laughter of children on Christmas morning, the click-clack of horses hooves, the crackle of an open fire, the smell of coffee brewing, the scent of her hair, the delight of a summer rain, or the comforting warmth of a warm sweater on a frosty day?  
All these and many more may seem like insignificant details but they are the finer points of living. Take the time at night to stop and look up at the light show painting the darkness of our universe. Sit in a rocking chair and watch the trees dance during a storm. Take time to listen to the silence for it may not be there forever. Or maybe it will?
If the violence in the news, movies and books of today show, we may need to appreciate these wonders of life before it is too late.

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