Thursday, December 29, 2016

Where do we come up with this stuff?

Our species as flawed and apparently uncoordinated have a propensity for curiosity. We just don’t seem to be content with the way things are and are always looking for something different. Maybe that is how we evolved?
You’ve seen the videos on YouTube. People skiing off roofs or jumping into an inflatable pools from a ladder or blowing things up make us laugh. I don’t know if that says something about our mental understanding of the laws of physic or a slur on our society in general?
Yet we have invented electricity, telecommunications, filtration, and transportation by being curious. “What if” should be our motto? Our innovation continues to amaze with all the unique perspectives and interest of everything from outer space to insects to clothing fibers to skyscrapers. Our curiosity has manufactured concoctions that can ease our pain and weapons that can be propelled through our bodies.
Our constant investigation and documentation of findings will be passed down to other generations who will examine the conclusions. They will continue to analyze and redefined and will eventually we will find a cure to life threatening scare only to have another one follow.
It seems as long as we are curious we will poke our head down the rabbit hole or look up and ponder the meaning of the stars or still wonder how far we can leap off a roof without testing our hospitalization insurance.

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