Thursday, January 31, 2013



Well this is an offbeat subject and fairly gross but think about. When you die (and we all will die) what happens to your body?
Now death is it’s own subject handled in many methods. To just name a few of the associated topics to death: Abortion, Autopsy, Brain death, Cadaveric spasm, Clinical death, Death by natural causes, Death rattle, End-of-life care, Euthanasia, Lazarus sign, Lazarus syndrome, Mortal wound, Terminal illness, Unnatural death, Lists, Causes of death by rate, Expressions related to death, Natural disasters, People by cause of death, Premature obituaries, Preventable causes of death, Unusual deaths, Mortality, Immortality, Karsh, Legal death, Maternal death, Mortality salience, Prenatal mortality, Body, Burial, Coffin birth, Cremation, Cryonics, Death erection, Decomposition, Disposal, Embalming, Mummification, Natural burial, Post-mortem interval, Promession, Putrefaction, Resomation, Afterlife, Cemetery, Consciousness after death, Customs, Death mask, Eternal oblivion, Funeral, Grief, Intermediate state, Mourning, Resurrection, Taboo on the dead, Vigil, Paranormal, Near-death experience, Necromancy, Out-of-body experience, Reincarnation research, Séance, Abortion law, Administration of an estate on death, Capital punishment, Coroner, Death-qualified jury, Death certificate, Death in absentia, Death row, Dying declaration, Faked death, Inquest, Murder, Right to die, Trust law, Will, Death threat, Festival of the dead, Fascination with death, Homicide, Last rites, Martyr, Mortuary science, Necrobiology, Necrophilia, Necrophobia, Predation, Sacrifice, Spiritual death, Suicide, Thanatology, Thanato-sensitivity, Undead, and War.
What makes me think about this? Well all the murders and killings and wars on the news and the discussions of gun control and restrictions on abortions bring about the morbid thought of death.
And for years and years, well as long as I know it, after the doctor signs the piece of paper that declares death, then the family starts to morn the passing of a member and some guy in a black outfit takes the cadaver into a back room and “prepares” it and places it into a box. Most religions have some sort of ceremony to celebrate the life, even though the monitor didn’t even know the corpse, then quickly the box is placed into the ground and covered over.  These plots, as they are called, are suppose to be sacred ground and not to be disturbed.
Then somebody comes along and decides to build a highway or a skyscraper and guess what they find when they start digging? Some will call them artifacts and some will call them leftovers, but in the long run, they are cadavers. At least what remains of a cadaver?
Considering how long it takes for all the parts and pieces of the body to disintegrate and there are hundreds of thousands of these cadavers scattered everywhere, it is amazing we don’t find more. Some we place in respectable places like museums while others are ground into filler. Scientist and academics microscopically examine the parts and pieces and write papers worthy of thought provoking ideas. 
If it is the caucus of an animal other than our species we disregard its importance unless it is a gazillion years old. Doesn’t the same deity we all believe in have the same compassion for all living creatures?
Well, what really sparked this discussion was a story on the radio this morning on how some government agency or commission or whatever they do up there in government-land to tell Life Insurance companies to find beneficiaries of polices. It seems if someone put YOU as a beneficiary of an insurance policy and never told YOU and they became a cadaver and YOU didn’t know then the insurance company could not pay out the funds unless YOU asked for them. Not a bad plan.
Similar to a bank or any other “holding” organization who keeps YOUR assesses after you become a cadaver. Write your will now and get it over with.
Me, I plan on spending the last penny on my deathbed so forget any rewards. I’ll be under Route 265 thank you.

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