Saturday, January 26, 2013

Or Current Resident

I sure do get a lot of mail directed to this person or persons. Wonder who they are?
The mail is usually for things that I don’t want or need. This “current resident” person must need auto insurance and life insurance and lawn care because he or she gets a lot of request for it. One would think the postal delivery person would look at my yard and put away the lawn care stuff or possibility I ride a bike and don’t need any auto insurance.
Speaking of insurance have you ever figured out what insurance does for you? It seems like after college all my classmates were looking for work and a majority of them went into selling insurance. To sell insurance one has to call an old classmate and offer the spiel to another over a company paid for lunch. Being raised in marketing and not willing to leave a bunch of cash to someone after I’m gone, I enjoyed the lunches and felt sorry for the poor saps that were not going to go anywhere.
Getting back to the “current residents” they seem to live everywhere. In every state and every city and every block there are those “current residents”. Now these “current residents” seem to live in a house that you already live in but the person who mailed the letter or advertisement doesn’t seem to know my name or can’t remember it so my name appears on the envelope then a second line to: “or Current Residents”.
Instead of trying to remember our identity with a family name and a given name maybe we should all just be “current residents”?
Like those proclamations of “To It May Concern” there is no individual identification just a statement to whoever will listen and pay attention. Then again, maybe we are just current residents?

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