Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This probably looks like nothing to you, but….


This is the first kitchen I’ve had in oh, say, three decades. Some say, “The kitchen is the busiest room in the house” but not in this house for many, many years.
How did this all start? Well years ago my girlfriend, I think she was at the time, had moved into my house. There were old 50’s cabinets, a small refrigerator, an old rusty washing machine and a tiny gas stove. I didn’t need much so it was adequate. There was enough room for plates and silverware and a few pots and pans and we could prepare simple meals without much bother.
One weekend I was called away to a conference and upon return all the cabinets were gone. “I didn’t like them.” She said. “Where are the cabinets?”, I asked. “I took them down and threw them into the backyard.” She responded without a second thought. I looked out into the yard and there were the cabinets in a pile of white ¼” pine.
Several variations of sinks and refrigerators and stackable washers were purchased and placed and then discarded. Cabinets on rolling casters were constantly moved back and forth to find the right position. Plumbing and electricity was installed and moved but nothing seemed to fit.
After years of purchasing makeshift appliances required for different cooking experiments I got used to using a microwave and a toaster oven became the norm.
So with all the major house repairs done, it was time to build a new kitchen. I laid out the last configuration on the computer and moved items back and forth, thinking of the adjustments to plumbing and electricity and the cost incurred.
Online I searched the cabinet styles and sizes and colors and even went into the store and talked to the sales person on cabinet cost. I wandered into a couple of custom kitchen shops and talked garnet counter tops and cost.
After a year of other projects and the usual home repairs like the living room ceiling falling in, I made the decision to move on to the kitchen.
First donating the washer and dryer to the Salvation Army and then moving all the boards and cabinets that made the makeshift kitchen, I contacted some contractors to redo the floor.
Once that was done, it was back to my favorite buddy ‘Jerry’ at Lowes. He tried to guide me over to the expensive woods and stains and carvings. I responded that they were only boxes so I just need the basics.
We agreed upon a layout and a price and all was paid for and I awaited for the installation.
Today, with all its cold rain, was the installation. The cabinets had already been delivered but today was the day that they were going to be put in place and a new kitchen built. Two strangers showed up and I left them alone with the boxes and wandered into the den.
Believe me there is only so much surfing on the web that can be done when guys are banging on the walls. Trapped inside due to the rain I listened to the pounding and the squeezing sounds of the countertop going into old plastered walls. Finally there was the sound of water.
I walked into what was an empty room to find cabinets and a working sink and a countertop that fit the design.
The “To-Do” list get another check off. Now it is back to see Jerry for a stackable washer/dryer, then a stove and refrigerator and a couple of worktables. 
So with the smell of saw dust settling in my nose, the wonder of the coughing workmen of what they may have left me and the adventure of finding out how this new storage will match whatever has been stored upstairs I will enjoy the new boxes on the wall.

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