Saturday, January 12, 2013


Noticed an interesting aspect of life. Someone posted their new dog on Face book and named it after a character in a book. From what I gathered from the post the book was influential in this person’s life so naming the new member of the family after the character in the book maintained the continued fascination.
Some books and movies and televisions shows and music can make an impact on our persona. Perhaps it is a time of life or the writing is so remarkable but the classics seem to stand out as the most watched and read and listened to.
If emotionally challenged, sad stuff becomes sadder and happy stuff becomes happier. Our psyche taints our consumption of words and music to rearrange them to our own liking. This is why you might not like something I like.
So as the season for awards arrives touting what is the best of the best for the hundreds of movies and books and songs that have just been an artist or writer’s dream, I think back to what has influenced me this past year.
Television? Well, as I have said, there is not much on antenna television but looking at the listings there is not much on paid-to-view services. Girls in conflict, murders investigations, outrageous gay characters and silly and offensive animation are pretty much what is offered and mostly a waste of time. Well there are sports.
Books? I haven’t seen a book I am interested in reading in a couple of years. Looking back on all the books I’ve purchased through the years, I had no problem in giving them away to those who may find a new value in them. History or fact or fiction or cooking or mystery or fantasy does not draw me in. I read the reviews and get the gist of the content but am not ready to attach myself to another volume of another author’s thoughts. I’m sure not going to buy another gadget to read “Great Expectations” on again.
Movies? Show me something that doesn’t explode and I might take a look. The trailers usually give enough of the story and the other hour of sitting in a dark room eating slimy popcorn washed down with a sugar drink shows little appeal. When the reviews say the book is better than the movie is a certain turnoff.
Music? I hear what the current tunes are on television commercials and some YouTube recommendations but where is the hook? I, like my parents, had a certain range of music that was meaningful growing up. I collected a large amount of vinyl with groups and sounds that transformed me or at least entertained my week childhood mind. Today with all the variations and availability of music, most is forgettable and hardly hummable after walking away. As long as the muzak at the store is familiar I’ll listen knowing the tune but forgetting the words.
So what does that say about outside influences? It takes a lot to gain my interest these days.

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TripleG said...

C'mon. I know you danced "Gangnam Style" in the living room.