Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What are you thinking?

You can’t help it. That mass of mush between your ears just won’t let you go on without thinking.
Thinking is the action of contemplation. Thinking is our analysis of events and situations and experiences. Thinking is what we do and we don’t even think about it.
Whoever “they” are, they say our species can get lost in thought. We have even produced products that will adjust our thinking.
Without realizing it, that gray matter we call a brain is going all the time like a little computer in our head. It is viewing an array of colors and patterns and hearing a multitude of sounds and tasting the air and feeling the surroundings then tries to make some kind of sense out of it. True multi-tasking this brain of ours is.
Today, with all the input from electronic devices, the thought process may be overloaded? I’m no expert on that subject but I do know one thing about thinking.
When left alone with your thoughts, in a quiet setting, without interruption or distractions, the mind can take you to places you never imagined.
Ponder this if you will. When you sleep, the body is at rest, but the brain is still thinking. It is analyzing the day’s events and sorting through reactions, complex emotions and the culmination of a single body experiences.
So as we lay still, or as some of us do, toss and flop around, our body relaxes it’s muscles and slows the blood flow while the brain can assimilate the information adding it to the wasteland that is our individual being.
What about dreams? The mind is trying to accomplish the impossible. Relate the present with personal past references.
I don’t need a shrink to analyze my dreams. I know what they mean because I pay attention to them. I have even grown fond of them and all their weirdness. I never expected to see this, but then again, I may have been seeing this all along and never had the focus to see them.
We can blame it on the outside influences that distract us. We can blame it on the drink. We can blame it on the time. We have so many excuses to avoid thinking.
I am listening to some music (or lack there of) I recorded over 40 years ago and can remember the focus of thought that made these sounds. Each note was a reaction to the process and the process was the thought of producing this noise onto whatever was available at the time to record it. I imagine this is the same thought process writers go through. The brain is demanding your body to get these thoughts out.
So I challenge everyone within viewing site to stop whatever they are doing, turn off all the electronics, and sit quietly in one spot. Close you eyes and take a deep breath. Relax and listen to what you are thinking.
It is scary crazy.

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TripleG said...

Ever wonder what animals are thinking? How do they organize, name, or speculate on past, imaginary or future events? How do they place things in time? Is there a sharp division between animate and inaminate?
If they understand something by observation and contemplation, how can they do it without names and categories?
The line between our thinking, dreaming and insanity is likewise elusive -- or nonexistent.