Friday, January 18, 2013

Thunder-snow Hibernation

What a week it has been. Dark dreary rainy days, filled with television and wary anticipation. Finally another project is done but now comes the warning of winter weather for real.
Constant checking of the weather radar and looking out the window, I find a break and proceed my usual route with my usual black pony to the local gathering spot to forage for grubs and stuffies since the cabinets, as good as they look, are bare. A couple cans of soup, some fruit, a spot of tea, and some pre-made pizzas, along with my medicine, are loaded but the gods have decided I should feel the season a little better.
Winding back and forth on my return there are no cute joggers or couple walking their dogs or even ground crews with their backpack blowers? Only the whipping wind and cold rain soaking through my multi-layers joins me in my ride home. Avoiding the windows into the lower world, I unpack and try to sit quietly listening to the rain. The pony, dripping from the ride, is on the porch while the yard monkeys scatter with their umbrella up picking up peanuts. This will be the only treat for the day and probably my only real reason to wander out in this frightful weather.
Note to self: These dreary days make wanton consumption of bad foods, so while my sugar cravings struck, I wandered the aisles looking at packaging and mentally tasting each treat. Can I be strong? So for lunch I had an apple strudel. It could have been worst.
The fog of my senses remembered my mother’s frantic approach to wet clothing, so I went inside the big house and changed. Looking at the pile of dirty laundry on the floor I think I need order that washer/dryer soon.
Back in the new kitchen I put the fruit and soup into an empty cabinet. I’m not even sure which way the door opens so I guess I’ll get use to it after a while but it is still all-new to me now. I could go upstairs and start being down all the boxed up stuff and start loading the cabinets, but I still like the virgin feel of the kitchen and besides, I still have to mull over in my mind where I want to put everything. There is no rush and beside I need to see when the snow is going to get here.
Into the cold damp shack I turn on the only television plugged in and check the web for current reports then delight in the little grey blurs in the yard. More tales of a white change to the constant rain keeps coming like the continuing solutions to our fiscal disasters but the window tells the truth. Even the yard boss was smart enough to stay under the house on such a messy day.
I finally give up and wander back inside looking for something to catch my attention but do not find anything so surrender to the darkness listening to the thunder.
At first light, I observe the grey fingers capped with white caps but still many untouched patches. The weight of the powder bows the bamboo and pines but the sunshine soon shakes it off.
After the second sleep with those unbelievable dreams, I awake again with wonderment of how I can think of these things. I should write them down but no one would believe them.
The streets look pretty clear so without really needing to wander out, I bring out the pony and walk to the cement. Ice lines the shadows and on two wheels that can be deadly, so I avoid the shadows. Crystals rain from the branches as the eggshells under my slow turning wheels make the usual into the unusual. It is cold now. Like winter should be.
Normal is as normal does. The same faces in the same places welcome the constant parade of characters. The couple in t-shirts and shorts discussing their beer hauls or the cute blond in those fur lined boots. Winter! I do like those boots.
Following another customer in before she stops at the weekly deal insert pile, I grab a mini-cart and turn back to the entrance. I look at her face which looks familiar yet aged surrounded in straight blond hair without an expression. I had enjoyed the view walking in but don’t think it is time to compliment so I move on to the produce. Another bag of peanuts and another bag of birdseed fill the cart. Reload and pack up. All the interesting views are gone.
The yard is enjoying the long lost sunshine and everyone is out, even in the cold. The buffet is spread and all partake. Simple pleasures for a simple mind as my little friends come up to my feet and beg for another peanut.
Chased inside by the cold, I consider my next move for hibernation but the sunshine beckons and I am too weak to resist.

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Art said...

And THIS week it is freaking COLD.