Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crazy Love

This looks like a good idea but in the wrong place.
Disclaimer: I don’t know who shot the photo or did the Photoshop work or even where I captured it so I can’t give credit or pay the rights to it. I look at a lot of artwork and photos but now and then one catches my eye. This was one.
Now I like the next guy likes to see a good display of PDA but I also have vertigo. Like any good voyeur I couldn’t stop looking at this picture even though it gives me the hebbie-gebbies.
Whether it is true or fake, it does acknowledge the crazy things we do for love. Moving a plant or wearing a different color shirt or attending a flower show all in hopes of getting a smooch. It is crazy I tell you. Crazy!
There are so many emotions our species share. Maybe not at the same time or about the same things, but this emotion called “Love” makes us crazy. Crazy good or crazy bad it throws out our logic and leads us into the maze of passionate confusion.
Isn’t it wonderful?

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