Saturday, January 19, 2013

Missing You

There is a funny thing about two people when they spend a long time together. They start sharing little things together that no one else knows.
Of course there is the shared smell. Only the couple can agree on a scent that brings out a smile in both. And that special place that only they share together. Maybe it is the touch of the hand or the nape of the neck or even an ear or a touch on the leg. Even the secrets whispers at night the only two of you know.
The connecting of two pinky fingers when you say the same word at the same time can be a unique aspect of living together. When walking and separated by any object saying “Bread and butter, love each other” and then she will say, “Always” can be a personal touch that neither would have done before.
As time and distance passes, new companions and new experiences will form those secret moments but every now and then a sound or a scent or a vision will revive some unforgotten feeling.
If we recognize it or not, the accumulation of these secrets are what our relationships have made us.
Appreciate and respect them, but you do not need to share them. For they are your secrets and no one else needs to know.


TripleG said...

You're exactly right.

Art said...

exsactly so, well stated!