Monday, January 14, 2013

Would They Recognize Me If I Came Back Home?


People probably don’t think about this question but I do. So many people have passed by through the years in the local places we connected. Some were very important at the time and some made life-changing affects on our adventure.
Looking back on some of the old pictures from school, I wonder who are these people and what became of them. The only relationship we had way back then were being in the same classroom. Then again they were the reference of our time together. Their families were much like mine, lived in the same neighborhood, attended the same churches and country clubs, drove the same cars, had the same televisions and enjoyed the same food.
The variations of our cultures and backgrounds made each of us an individual but the classroom brought us together. Then one-by-one we parted ways.
Some moved on to different schools, some had family problems that were never discussed; some had parents who found different jobs in another area. Whatever the reason, we lost track of one another.
Even those who stayed through most of the school years attended different colleges, joined the service or had find work. Some started families and some just dropped off the radar.
Now the little town stayed the same and I stayed here while the others went off to their adventures. Occasionally one comes back to town and we meet for a lunch or a drink at a local watering hole full of memories. Some I can recognize and some are total strangers.
So I wondered, who would have recognized me if I had left back to town.
If you think about all the haircuts, fashion changes, emotional ups and downs, the crisis and the joys through the evolution of years, anyone who was not sharing the experiences would know who you are?
All we can ask for are the memories, some shared likes, and hopefully an exchange of ideas that may spark a new relationship without interfering in each other’s new world.
Some say you can not go back home, but what if you never left?

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