Monday, February 11, 2013


It is one of those mystery super-hero traits to be able to become invisible.
I’m invisible.
I have an identity but few know it.
I’m invisible.
No one knows me.
They don’t speak to me because they don’t know who I am.
I may ride by and they wave because they recognize me in the neighborhood but they don’t know anything about me.
I may seem familiar but they don’t know my name or my address so I’m really a stranger.
I’m invisible.
I can walk through a crowd and they see right through me.
I am soon gone and forgotten like ice turning into water.
I’m invisible.
A few, very few, who may have known anything about me at anytime in my life have either wandered away and are barely familiar or have become invisible?
There are still numbers and accounts and passwords that can be associated with me in the cyber world, but is the profile picture real? Is any of the information real?
There is a Facebook account for a friend of mine from work. It is still active. You can make friends with him, view his pictures and comments and even send a message to him but he won’t reply. He’s dead.

He’s now invisible too.

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cj said...

...but you're still on my radar...