Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i LIKE you

What the heck does that mean? When someone post a statement or a photo or just some kind of junk on the Internet one has to make a decision to agree with it or not. That is how this game is played isn’t it?
The Internet and all of its rights and wrongs have given individuals and more often a smart business the opportunity to build a following. In some places they are called “friends” or on certain pages they are requested as “Likes”.
I guess that is the way it works anyway. You meet someone who is a complete stranger or a friend of a friend. The two size up one another with how they dress, hairstyle, height, weight before saying a word. The vision may be acceptable to both so the adventure begins. Alcohol, if you are of legal age (whatever that is) usually helps at this point to start a conversation.
A few jokes surround the pointed questions trying to find connections. Sometimes a connection happens and sometimes it doesn’t.
And when it does you have to convince each other that we “LIKE” each other. This may feel awkward but it may also lead to new adventures. A “LIKE” may turn into dating and maybe intimate situations or even more. It is the decision of caring more than just being a friend.
So where is that “LIKE” button?

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