Monday, February 11, 2013


So the grass looks better on the other side they say, but does it really? I’ll not be the counsel to judge this aspect of life, but I will observe and wonder.
Temptation, as defined as being incited to desire and acting on that desire as a result have perhaps conflict, can move a being into a conclusion that was not contemplated or anticipated.
No matter how or why we make commitments to others with symbols of gold or diamonds or flowers or romantic statements, there is always the wandering lust of what else the world holds.
Another eye contact or a brief statement that could provide an adventure into another world of wonder that is not now present. The results could bring wonder or injure another.
There are many forms of temptation and we all deal with our own devils.
I’m far from the point of even attempting to follow what could become a relationship, but today I almost crossed the line. As usual at the grocery store picking up yard supplies I noticed a woman at the dairy bin. I couldn’t see her face but what caught my attention was her legs. Shapely and young and firm without any signs of old person veins and deformities. In tight spandex shorts she looked like she had been in training. There is a gym in the area and some people stop at the store after workouts. It is the only eye can I see so a brief look causes no harm. I walk down another aisle to the reality of old people choosing cereal or the herd of employees restocking the shelves after a busy weekend. I pick up my supplies and start heading for the count the items and pay the consequences when I see her again. Our eyes meet and I give her a smile. Then I get a thought. I should walk up to her and out-of-the-blue tell her, “Your legs are magnificent.” At one time I was brazen enough to do things like this and even with a compliment like “Your legs are magnificent” could not be mistaken as anything else, I avoided the chance and walked away with a smile on my face.
So lead me not into temptation…

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