Sunday, February 10, 2013


I would like to introduce….”
But then what do you say? The next words would be a description of the individual to a group of strangers.
If a formal event to present a speaker or person of interest to a group, the introduction may be slanted to the event. Their awards and accolades to give them some value can introduce “This person”. A family reference gives warmth to “This person”. Longevity to an ideal or a company relays experience and knowledge. A personal experience, whether true or false, may open the listener’s ears to what is about to be presented.
So many want something from another that an introduction may feel stilted. When a handshake is accompanied by a business card there is a sale-taking place.
Now before the introduction takes place there are perceived reactions. The height of the individual, style of dress, hairstyle, shape of their jib, and overall aurora in the space are all referenced. The eye contact and perhaps on a good day, the scent can influence the introduction before it ever happens.
Observing some introductions it is fairly sure they do not have a clue of what the “first line” is all about. That first sentence exchanged by the newly introduced people can be a deal maker or breaker.
How are you?” or “So glad to meet you” or “I’ve heard so much about you” or “What a great outfit” or “You look so good” are just a few responses to an introduction. There is probably a book(s) out there with what the proper introduction should be and how to respond to it.
How is that first statement going to define you? The other person has already made some decision about who is introducing you and your appearance and possibility perceived perceptions of what the introduction is about.
The one introduced must also have a “one liner” to get across who they are and why they are being introduced. That first sentence or statement must sum up the entire life experience of the individual and why it is relevant to other person. It is a lot of work describing you in a brief handshake and face-to-face confrontation.  

So I always use, 
"Eric Stratton, rush chairman. Damn glad to meet you."

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