Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ban the…

Remember all those demonstrations we most righteous kids did back in the day. We were told of the dangers and walked the streets carrying signs only to get beat back and tear-gassed. The cause was valid but could not be sustained and fell apart under an organized energy platform and governmental fear mongers. Other countries soon produced these weapons of mass destruction and we all held our breath.
Energy production went on with a few glitches and now all our electronic devices suck up as much as they can get. Luckily, the indescribable destructive instruments have not been used again, yet…?
Today the protest is against smaller weapons. Closer to home and easily understandable by the masses are the mass killings taking place on our planet. A single individual can purchase or procure enough firepower to take out an elementary school.
Everyone is up in arms (pardon) with outrage against the available arsenal of deadly weapons that can be obtained and used against another. Where only a few decades ago this barbaric mentality produced the Wild West and everyone strapped on a sidepiece.

Oh, then there is the second amendment.


“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
I’m not going to deal with semantics here because as I read it, today there are short sleeve shirts and everyone has the right to bare arms.
Everyday the news is filled with robberies and car jackings and rapes and murders and other senseless violence escalated by the easy availability of handguns.
Whether legally licensed or purchased at a gun show or handed down from a family member or stolen, the handgun has become the equalizer.  Just like the ole West, this deadly weapon can be worn proudly in a holster or tucked away in a sock or the back of the pants or in a pocket. Where a shout out or fist fight might have solved problems before, now it is a shoot out.
Look at the faces of those who are named “criminals” and will spend time and a lot of taxpayer money in incarceration for their momentary lack of confidence and easy access to a deadly weapon.
I’m not a psychologist or a sociologist or even a historian, but from what I’ve seen in my lifetime, this situation is not going to get any better and will probably get worst as the weapons become more potent and available. All the numbers and calculations will not change the fact.

There is a second amendment.
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

So I propose we stop all this endless jabber about gun control and focus on the real problem. There are millions of guns in our country and more on the way, but what is a gun? A gun is a hollow pipe that is designed to discharge a projectile.
Think about that. A gun is nothing more than a metal or plastic pipe. By itself it could be used as a club or bat and maybe do some destruction or even cause death, but it is the projectile that is the real problem.
Back in the day of protest, we didn’t want to ban the airplane. We wanted to ban the bomb.
So maybe we are looking at this gun control the wrong way. Let them have all the guns they want. Just don’t let them have any bullets!
License or register or whatever the procedure would be before allowing someone to purchase bullets. Police and military would be exempt of course because they are hired killers, but for the general public?
I know there are some out there who know how to pack their own shells but the ingredients can be traced and monitored. There are probably a gazillion bullets already out there, but a person who has a gun and can not shoot it will go crazy without shooting it and the supply will dwindle.
I do know the Homo sapiens have a temper and will occasionally strike out under emotional distress whether behind bedroom doors or on open streets. We have learned to use fist, sticks, stones, straps, clubs, swords, spears, and now guns to assist up in this reaction before logic and common sense take over.
The problem is we have learned to use these weapons too well and are becoming numb to the constant projectile spray that may or may not nullify the intended target.
So my solution to the problem of continuous maiming of the human species is to “Ban The Bullet”.

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Art said...

works for me. Or you can have bullets, but tax at $25 each