Friday, February 8, 2013

It is all about the eyes


Don’t know what made me see it but after awhile I noticed “the look”. The look off into the distance is what makes the photo special. 
All the fashion shots have it. All the celebrity shots have it. What are they looking for? 
Perhaps the stars are reading their scripts away from the camera but there is something special when a person looks beyond what is visible. The pupils stare off to the left or right looking for something no one can imagine. There was a saying “…the whites of their eyes” but maybe this is true. Maybe there is something about our eyes looking off into the distance that entrances us. 
A mystery of what is outside our immediate reference? Perhaps someone has entered the room and the subject breaks to glace away? Perhaps a loud noise disturbs the quiet and this is a reaction? 
If the pupils look straightforward does it mean something? Of course looking straight into another’s eye and they look back to you without distraction means there is a connection. It is more powerful than a touch of a hand or a passing statement. 
To bare your soul, since they say the “eyes are the windows to your soul”, is difficult yet attainable and very special when achieved and shared, why not try it? 
So if someone you are conversing with face-to-face looks away, don’t be disturbed. They are probably just looking at the cue card.

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