Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Kiss

It is an interesting feature of our species that when we press our lips together something happens. I’m not against the reaction instead I employ it. It is an essential to this particular holiday and must be performed. Several others require “the kiss” be performed to accomplish the full conciseness of the meaning of the holiday.
The kiss can lead to many other intimate actions or just be the sweetness affection to a child. The kiss can be wet or a rock and roll band or French or maybe more. The kiss can be a brief emotional connection or a passionate attachment.
I had one of these statues. I defined it as an artsy statue, but it was sexy. It was smooth to the touch and at any angle reveling.
So this is the holiday of the kiss. There is the “kiss off” or the “kiss my…” or just that peck on the cheek that seals the deal. The kiss is the period on the line “I Love You”.

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