Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Invasion

Have you ever wondered about what would happen if a person came into your private space?
This subject has been in the news recently. Often the invasion is in outlining areas away from support or even the attention of neighbors. Sometimes there are physical problems and sometimes just an earth shattering fear of violation that will never go away.
How do you prepare for such an occasion? Some people think about the options for an invasion and purchase locks and lights and warning systems that will hopefully deter a potential intruder. Signs are posted and the feeling of safety is secured by the beings living inside.
If you’ve read any of these posts you know my thoughts about sanctuary. A “home” is a place where you store all the stuff that makes you happy. A living space that reflects how much money you spend on stuff that identifies your personality. (Note: not sure what a house says when it looks like a construction site?)
The signs only tell the potential invader that there is “good stuff” inside and if they really want to attempt it, they will invade your space no matter the lights or cameras or warning signals.
So what do you do then? Someone who is not a family member or a guest is intruding into your private space. Do you stay and fight for your sanctuary or do you run?
There is lots of talk these days about weapons and rights and who should and shouldn’t own them. There are lots of places where weapons are sold and for whatever reasons people purchase them, legally or illegally.
I know how to use a firearm and know what damage it can bring. I do not own a firearm but do not object to those who do for whatever security it provides them. Some are very responsible of these items that can destroy a life whether human or otherwise and some are not.
Then it comes back to the original question of  “what do you do if?”
Watch the yard and see how the alpha males create and protect their territory. Then again, they don’t have the opportunity to use additional weapons. Perhaps that is what separates us from other critters is we created weapons.
So if an uninvited intruder enters your sanctuary, what do you do? Do you have a family plan? Once the alarm goes off and wakes you up, what do you do?
Do you grab your weapon and act like a cowboy protecting your stash and hoping whomever you shoot at is not a family member? Do you escape and hope the proper authorities arrive and take care of the invader for you? Do you hide and just listen to your stuff being trashed and taken away? 
Are you prepared to face another and take away a life? Is your stuff worth the cost?
I personally have not had the opportunity to act out my plan but I am prepared to come face-to-face with an intruder. There is something personal when you are eye-to-eye.
I hope I never have to use this plan but I have mentally prepared myself for whatever the outcome would be.
Then again, isn’t this just like marriage? You find a person who wraps up your emotions then enters your living space and changes everything around. Some items that are important to you; reminds another of past experiences they were not part have and are removed. The intruder has been welcomed in but you are still getting robbed.

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