Tuesday, February 12, 2013

“Will you…wha?”

Since it is that romantic time of the year and all those swell guys are out procuring candy and flowers for the special day, Thursday I think but I have to check the calendar, I wonder when he will pop the question?
Oh come on and don’t be shy. You know she wants you to ask her. What are you waiting for?
She ain’t going to ask you. If she feels there is no one listening to her pleads for romantic connection she’ll just say, “I’m pregnant” and that will seal the deal.
Do you remember how you asked her? Was it the traditional down on one knee and opening a box with a less than formable diamond while she held here hands to her face drenched in tears? Did you use a flash mob or giant screen at a hockey game? Did you just get drunk in Vegas and woke up the next morning?
Some people I know have gone through this important moment in life many times and others have only had one experience at this life changer. The moment when a couple decides they cannot live without each other in their life 24/7.
Do you remember what you said? Was it the often said and never repeated, “Will you….” Or did you get creative and come up with a phrase that could only touch another’s heart.
Excuse me if I gag now.
Don’t get me wrong. I did this a couple of times myself. The first time I don’t remember what I said or did. It was a foggy time and big decisions were being made and it was like dealing cards. I’m sure I was very romantic and touching and all that stuff but I don’t remember. Maybe ask her, if she reads this stuff, to find out how I won her heart for 8 years. I think it was more out of desperation than a romantic commitment but I did it in all of the ceremonial glory.
The second time I remember perfectly. She had been living in my house for three years (my invitation) and she had been pointing out wedding cakes and buying brides magazines (subtle) and gazing at bride’s dresses in windows. The moment had come and we were standing in the living room hugging and I said, “We are pretty good at this.”
No really, that was all it took.

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