Sunday, February 10, 2013

Losing It

I started to call this “Don’t Cross Me” but I thought that was a little rude. Then again the whole idea is a little rude.
As a civilized society we are suppose to all get along together. Community rules and religion ethics say we are to behave. This agreement means we can walk the streets and shop and socialize with one another without the fearing the danger of injury or death. We have even assigned some to enforce this requirement for peace.
Yet everyday in the news there are stories of people misbehaving. Sometimes these people are just playing out a pent up emotions while other times there are premeditated desires to do harm.
The story throughout history tells of people having these afflictions of anger and reactions. There are murders and assassinations and even wars due to human emotions.
So it must be inbred in all of us. Maybe we have just learned how to put a tap on it.
But what is “it”? That point when all rational behavior goes out the window and the blood pressure will go through the roof and the body will spasm into uncontrollable jerks. The pupils will enlarge but cannot take in all the surroundings but only focus on a single point.
What is that key that turns us from ordinary sane individuals to insanity?
I believe we all have had some kind of disruption in our lives. Perhaps with mechanical equipment or a procedural track or even another human being. Some turn into stress or frustration but then there is a trigger. A trigger happens that will put us over the edge. We lose it.
There is some point in our makeup when we go beyond what we logically accept and turn into a monster. We can blame it on others or substances or surroundings but we know when it clicks.
All those monsters in the movies of my formidable years seemed perfectly normal and then something happened to them.
Today, in most societies, the villagers will not come after you with torches but our legal system will suggest a series of test and programs to rehabilitate our unacceptable behavior. In some cases, that will mean imprisonment.  
Since Valentine is here, all those couples out there who will celebrate this holiday with candy and flowers may for a day forget the battles that happen just due to living together.
There is no guarantee that people will get along all the time. Imagine living on a day-by-day routine with someone who drops his or her socks on the foot of the bed or hangs a wet towel on a chair or doesn’t offer to take out the trash until badger to do so. The beautiful image we have of that other person diminishes until an insignificant event happens to spark the dark side.
I myself know that I’ve crossed over on less than a half a dozen occasions. I recognize the turning point and will try to walk away when it happens.
But don’t cross me when it happens.

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