Sunday, December 27, 2015

Alone With Your Thoughts

When you are alone with your thoughts, what are you thinking about?
With all the constant distractions and noise and interruptions, when do you actually get to be alone with your thoughts?
I’m not talking about the bathroom. It is the one place you are alone and in no rush. You should be alone in there with the sounds and smells you make.
We find little time to be alone with only our own thoughts. Children are too busy discovering the world around them and parents are too busy trying to direct their children and adults are too busy trying to accumulate their riches. Only the elderly seem to have the time to reflect on what is important.
As a cyclist, I have time to be alone with my thoughts. Unlike automobiles with their electronics and speed, a steady heartbeat pace gives time to observe and appreciate the surroundings and mull over sights and sounds of the day. With legs pumping to continue motion the only sounds are the atmosphere and what is going on in your mind.
The end of the year is time for reflection but this isn’t it. This is about just being alone. And when you are alone, what comes to mind? There are some people, times and some thoughts that never seem to leave. You dream about them. You think about them when you are shaving. You carry them with you.
They maybe thoughts of pains, they maybe thoughts of joy, they maybe thoughts of wonder but they will continue to follow you. They are the experiences of life.
I enjoy my time alone. I enjoy mentally watching the movie of life go by. I’ve learned to appreciate the visions and have come to terms with the meanings.
So take some time for yourself. Find a quiet place and just contemplate your meditations.
You might just like what you discover.

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