Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Have you ever noticed how global we have become? All the news from all over the world is presented to us in our own language.
But are we hearing what is really being said?
We watch a foreign leader or speaker when all of a sudden some other voice translates the words into an acceptable understanding. Most of these are just sound bites anyway so like an exaggerated quote taken out of context, we hear what the media thought was the most important point.
I understand all the back-story of dialects and cultural differences, but my question is ‘Why Don’t We Speak The Same Language’?
If we created an ‘Earth’ language, it would be easier to understand each other and communicate our thoughts without a thesaurus and translator. A French word would be the same as an Indian word would be the same as a Finnish word would be the same…. Well you get my point.
This would cut down on “What did you say?” and foreign language classes.
Of course certain words, like ‘Love’, would still be confusing and hard to interrupted.
Musical notes, no matter how they are put together in whatever form or style of music are all the same. A sound is a sound and a note is a note.
The same idea could be made for money. An ‘earth’ dollar would be accepted everywhere on the globe with the same value. Simplified banking?
If we could break down these barriers separating us one from another; what about religion? Suppose, just suppose, we all worshiped the same God?
Wonder how you add a dialect and accent in sign language?

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