Saturday, December 19, 2015

I Forgot

What I see is, as we get older, we forget. Some may think it is a painful sign of age, but maybe it is a blessing.
Sure it can go too far like Alzheimer’s but what about just those little things that become unimportant? Not just forgetfulness like where you laid the keys but just stuff that others might remember but just isn’t important anymore.
Maybe it is the association with others that we must remember to share? If the conversation starts with “Did you see…?” or “Have you read…?”  or “Did you hear…?” then it is your obligation to chime in with your remembrance of the same occurrence and can only add your opinion by this knowledge.
Does this fill your head with useless information that is not worthy of remembering? What is worthy of remembering?
We use sound and images to remind us of distant times and faces. We gather to expand our knowledge of what was important, like family dinners or funerals.
We associate with those who enjoy the same likes and dislikes as ourselves and shun those wallflowers that bring nothing to the table. Our habit is to disassociate ourselves from those different from ourselves without thinking of the intolerance of their interest.
When we look at the normal nonsense of the daily news, we are flooded with questions of how we will interact with the breaking stories. After awhile of reading so much foolishness we may start to turn away from what is uninteresting and focus on what really matters to us.
The daily news becomes entertainment rather than journalism. Turn it off. The majority of the reading material is converted to sponsored content. Unsubscribe.
So maybe not remembering is a good thing. I won’t know until I’m sitting in that wheelchair on a sunny porch for hours trying to remember what there were for lunch until the sun goes down and someone wheels you back in front of the television.
What was your name?

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