Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Entertain Me!

With all the folk coming around for the holidays and the kids and dogs and food and babies and decorations, the best distraction is to entertain.
For all these folks, familiar or foreign are in your private space and you job is to entertain them.
With that as a goal there are several options. Television is always a good start. Get a big screen that will cover a wall and it will get someone’s attention. Get a few televisions so you can entertain the kids with video games and the sports fans and the movie fans. Be sure to get plenty of batteries for the multitude of remotes.
Photo albums are always a good distraction. Like the old vacation slide shows but can now be emailed back and forth on your phones. Current pictures of newborn and selfies can be hours of fun.
A seasonal soundtrack is always popular blasted over everything else to keep the party going. Techies will love to discuss the latest gizmo while the youngsters have already put in their earplugs for their own music.
A few disasters are always possible to change the mood of the crowd and after enough hours and beverages, the tone of the evening will deflate and the best solution is to find the sheets and climb under them. The pros will show everyone off to their designated places then turn to the chore of cleaning up so the morning rush won’t be overwhelming.
Some of these times can become very special.
I’m not sure if this is the same for your family or if this is just the juxtaposition of the world now. There is a different way for me.
There will be a full moon on Christmas this year. The weather is to be warm. The thunder rain may be over by then, but if not it will be the soundtrack for this year. A glass of wine and a rocking chair will be enough. The sound of the remaining leaves with a possible crunch in the shadows of someone looking for that late night treat. A possible guitar instrumental may acuminate the evening but time will tell. Floods of thoughts of past seasons and possible future seasons may bring a tear and a smile.
As the sun rises on the next day, the circus of family will start again.
I found my entertainment. Come join me.

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