Monday, December 28, 2015

Fighting For Your Life

With all the reporting of accidents and shootings and whatever provides people to become victims I keep reading about people ‘fighting for their life’ and I wonder?
Are they really fighting for their life?
From what I’ve seen, them folk are just laying on a gurney being wheeled into a hopefully sterile room and surrounded by masked folks in baggy robes poking tubes and needles in them. There are lights and beeps and lots of hustle but not by the body lying down.
Having been wrapped up to diminish the blood and pumped full of drugs to reduce the pain, a body is quickly removed from the site of the distress to a medical center with all the appropriate technology and personnel to solve the problem and bring back life.
It may not be the quality of life that was previously enjoyed, but these folks know how to keep a body alive. Is the limp and sometimes unconscious body fighting for their life?
We just don’t get much choice in life. We come in and go out without a timeline. The mother does have a choice and we can end the timeline at anytime, but most of us just go down the path of life until it runs out.
Do we fight for our life while we have it? We enjoy spectacular adventures and humanity if so blessed. We venture to foreign lands and learn different histories and sample unusual taste and smells and it all adds to our life.
We also abuse others and ourselves and that too is all about life. We make decisions by what options we find and travel paths we determine. As much as we try, there is no one to blame but our self for what we have done.
It would be nice if we had the final decision on when to take the last breath, but do we fight the inevitable or just sink?

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