Friday, December 4, 2015

I Saw Santa Today

It was a usual morning. A couple of cups of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal as the sun came up. Just a typical morning of waking the routine of getting ready to wander into the world from the darkness of sleep starts the day.
Standing in the forest checking the trees and taking in the ambiance plans are made for the chores of the day. The ride will still take over five miles but it will be familiar.
It seems the start is the same as every other start but today everyone got the signal. Perhaps the sunshine brought more of us out today, but I can wait for there is no hurry to repeat my pattern.
The air was crisp but the sunshine warmed the way. Wait for the Christmas delivery and stop for the traffic flow. Decide to take a variation to the regular route and adjust.
A different turn south and then there he was.
As I stopped on a busy boulevard I saw him across the street. A stout man in a brown suit and a hat with a long white beard moved in more of a shuffle than a walk but was making his way. He walked across the road I was traveling, and then turned in my direction.
Our eyes met and his face showed the warmth of contentment and a certain happiness of enjoying the day. He had all the assets of rosy cheeks and a welcoming smile that were too overwhelming to avoid. Immediacy we seem to know each other.
The traffic cleared and we both met each other at the median. We could have been the same age but he looked wiser. We glanced at each other and nodded with a pleasant smile. Without a word said, we continued on our separate paths.
As I rolled along to my destination all I could think of was ‘Could that have been Saint Nick?’ Was it the long ZZ Top white beard or just the glint in his eye as we passed?
I completed my chores and adventures but the thought that I might have just seen Santa Clause stuck with me. Who ever this guy was and for whatever he had a long white beard and why we happen to cross paths today are all mysteries, but I believe in Santa Clause and all the wonder of the season.  
And if I saw Santa today, so be it. Hope he is resting up for later this month’s activities.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll see Rudolf?

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