Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Girl in the Cowboy Boots

There is something about when a girl walks by in cowboy boots. She has a statement few can make.
I’m not talking about the little ones in their cowboy boots twirling batons or twirling ropes in little fringed vest and 10-gallon hats. They are the cute little models whose parents have bigger problems.
I’m not talking about the over indulged aged grannies wanting to relive their wild times but just looking scary. 
I’m talking about the young lady who can wear a short skirt and cowboy boots. There is something special in her swagger. She is sassy.
Now I’m not forgetting the guys. A guy who wears cowboy boots with his pants pulled down over them must be hiding his real cowboy. A buy having his pants stuffed down into his cowboy boots. Unless you have dust on your sleeves and smell like a cow pie, you ain’t no cowboy.
But a woman who feels her inner self and squeezes in a cowboy boot with the heel and the stitching and the tooling makes a statement about herself. 
I say, “Fellas pay attention to this lady”.
Also be aware she is someone who can break a mustang, even if you think you are stallions.

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